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America’s Leading Dream Analyst Presents:

“Unlocking the Hidden Secrets in Your Dreams”

Discover How Deciphering Dreams and DREAM DECODING MASTERY can   lead to a more Passionate, Productive, Prosperous and Peaceful Life. 

“A dream that is not interpreted is like a letter that has not been opened.”

(The Talmud)

Dear Friend, You’re invited to join my brand new course:

DREAM DECODING to Master Your Life!

This is a 12 week certification course I have developed and made available to my students who seek to understand dreaming…( delivered as 1 lesson per month + 1 Group Call )…

Here’s just a bit about what I’ll reveal during our time together:

  • Why remembering dreams is so important
  • How dreams expand our SELF awareness
  • How to release the anxiety & fear of nightmares and re-occuring dreams
  • Tips to alleviate “dream drought” and insomnia
  • How YOU can easily become the “go-to Dream Decoder” in your family or community

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Linda Dietz/Master Dream Decoder

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Learn the power of UNIVERSAL DREAM DECODING principles and how you can interpret yours and other’s dreams.  I am super excited to share it all with you. So join me once a week. The trainings will open you up to the value of your INNER WISDOM KEEPER and the potent life-changing messages that are beaming to you constantly as you sleep.  What a great way uplevel your Life in 2016 / 2017!!!!

If you are curious or fascinated by dreams, have trouble sleeping, are tormented by nightmares, have epic dreams, have shut down your dreams, are “sleepless in Seattle,” are experiencing inability to remember your dreams, or are needing a great tool to help your clients on their wellness path then this course will be extremely valuable to you.


  • Dream structure, symbols and  the simple interpretation system
  • How your inner and outself truly do work together via your dreams and how everything in the dream has meaning which increases your self-awareness 
  • You’ll discover an effective way to over come “dream drought” and alleviate insomnia so you can remember your nightly journeys 
  • You’ll receive guidance to release fear/anxiety surrounding nightmares and repeating dreams that have possibly wreaked havoc with your peace of mind. 
  • The value of dream decoding as we work interactively on YOUR dream via the “hotseat” for clarity and insight on “what the heck it means” and discuss how YOU can become a CERTIFIED DREAM DECODER!
  • ALERT: Space is limited and Lindas trainings always fill up because they are significantly better than the information for which others charge you thousands. This one will be no exception. So claim your spot below!

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P.S It’s a GREAT COURSE …Join Us…You Will Be Glad You Did!


Linda has 3 spots left for students who want to work one-on-one with her to accelerate their learning!  Bring her your questions and dreams which she will instruct you to understand AND also offer her interpretation and personal intuitive guidance on the meaning and application of your dreams in your daily life.

4 Private/Individual 60 minute Sessions for Inspired/Committed Dreamers

$1600 Regular


(Must Qualify for Acceptance!)

BONUS – Your Own 25-30 page 2016-17 Soul Blueprint Analysis 

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